The Morning After Pill

The morning-after pill is a form of emergency contraceptive, which is also called Plan B One-Step®. Emergency contraception is any type of birth control used after unprotected intercourse or a known or suspected contraceptive failure (e.g. a broken condom) to attempt to prevent pregnancy. Your body and your health are important, so take time to make the best decision. Give us a call for a confidential discussion about your options.

Many times women panic after having unprotected sex and rush to take the morning-after pill. However, you can only become pregnant on certain days of the month- around the time that you ovulate. Taking the morning-after pill during a time when you cannot become pregnant needlessly exposes you to large doses of hormones. If you are already pregnant from an earlier sexual encounter, taking the morning-after pill is of no value and may cause harm. 

Can the morning-after pill cause an abortion? That depends on how you define "life". Some believe that pregnancy does not begin until a fertilized egg implants in the womb. However, the scientific reality is that at conception, many defining features are determined such as gender, eye and hair colour and growth begins. That's why many believe that conception is the starting point of a new human life. Taking Plan B One-Step® after the sperm has fertilized the egg may prevent this new life from settling into the womb (implantation) and continuing to grow, which is why many consider it an early abortion.

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