Crying Out to the Lord

Posted Jun 17th, 2019 in Lynn Murray, Suffering, God

Crying Out to the Lord

In times of deep distress we feel totally out of control. We see the world and those in it as enemies. Even our closest friends and relatives appear powerless to do anything for us. We often lose all hope of things in our lives ever becoming good again. Having someone listen to our pain often gives us a bit of relief. Having someone see what we are going through and expressing empathy appears to relieve some of the pressure, angst and waves of fear that envelope us. We are encourage to bear one another’s burdens.  Even so other mere humans are as powerless as ourselves.

The Bible is full of examples of those who cried out to the One who is not powerless, the One who can do something for us: our Creator and our Father God, our Lord Jesus Christ, our Holy Spirit who can fill us with whatever we need. When we understand that He will give us everything we need for life and godliness, we will begin to direct our cries towards our Lord.

At Elisha House, we offer care, comfort, direction and instruction. We point our clients to the One who can answer their prayers.God may not always change their circumstances, but often changes them in the midst of their circumstances. We teach how to go before God with our laments, using articles such as “How to Talk to God When you are Suffering” by Ed Welch.   

I want to share one client’s work who has found this concept most helpful and is particularly gifted at it (used with permission).

 A Psalm

A prayer for relief

Anger is a futile expression

of which I cannot free myself

Have mercy on me Lord!

Help me shed this bitter skin

It has encapsulated my heart

And threatens to pull me in

Only you O Lord can serve justice

Help me Lord to put my trust above this rage

Only you can save me!

Can you hear my plea?

Will you set the righteous free?

The help of man is useless

Please Lord supernaturally stop his schemes

Spare me his iniquities

And set his captives free

Breathe life into the oppressed

Let the shame of their behavior be known

Uphold the law

And preserve your faithful servant

I sing your praises O Lord!

For your grace is abundant

And my weakness knows no bounds