Help is available. 

Facing an unexpected pregnancy can seem overwhelming, and that is why knowing where to go for help is important. Talk to someone you can trust- a friend, partner, pastor or counsellor. You can come to Elisha House for non-judgmental education on all your options. 

Below is information about each of the abortion procedures that are available in Canada. If you have any questions about the information you have read, please call, test, email us, or drop in to our centre to have any questions answered. We do not promise that we have all the answers, but we will try our best to find the most up to date, accurate information available.

If you have already made the choice of abortion in the past, please call us. Elisha House offers non-judgmental post-abortion counselling. We would love to talk to you and support you in your healing process. 

Below is information on the legal abortion procedures that are available in Canada. You can also click here to see a summary of all your options.

All information provided regarding medical and surgical abortions in Canada has provided by:
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